Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pastor: Does anyone have any joys or concerns to share?
Weldon: I have joys and a concern -
In February, my youngest daughter called to say that she is pregnant, due in August.

(happy "aah"s from the congregation)
Weldon: On Mother's Day, I learned that my oldest daughter is expecting, due in October!
(lots of smiles and more aahs and ohs)
Weldon: And on May 18, my middle daughter told me that she is expecting
and the baby is due in December!

Pastor (as the laughter dies down): Cindy, you'd better look out!!
Weldon: That's my concern!!!
Melinda (the youngest)
and her husband Joe are having a little boy (that's Weldon, not Joe, in the pic);
Kathryn (the oldest)

and her husband David and 8-year-old daughter Ashley are having a girl;
and we don't yet know if Jennifer

and Scott's little darling will be a son or a daughter.
What we DO know is that we are thrilled for all of them and praying for safe deliveries and healthy babies.

Stay tuned for updates as these sweethearts make their entrances into this big, wonderful world - and maybe I'll even get some up-to-date photos of Weldon's "girls" and their hubbies :-)


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    you may have to change the name from Tobaccoville to Babyville!
    What excitment there will be!
    Cindy, tell Weldon that you aren't SARAH!!

  2. Love your blog! Three babies... there is something about bringing that baby home... so much joy ahead for all of you! -annie

  3. How exciting! THere will be much pitter pattering of little feet around the Farm! Praise God for new life!