Friday, June 27, 2008

From Tobaccoville to Key West - And Home Again
It's time to wrap up this travelogue. I can go on and on, can't I ?!
Sunday, June 8, was nice and relaxing. After a little breakfast, we went to CVS and developed a few pictures. From there we went to see a movie, What Happens in Vegas. Very funny. Then a little walk on Lincoln Road and into some of the shops. If you like to walk, Miami Beach is a great place to live/visit. Walking is generally easier than finding a parking space for your car, and it's definitely cheaper than owning a car.
Having said that, we took a local bus to the Haitian restaurant Tap Tap (pronounced Top Top) for a delicious supper. This picture was taken when I was there in 2005:

We had to try all of our favorites, so we ordered one of each of the following and shared: soup joumou (pumpkin soup) with bread for dunking, of course; tomato and avocado salad; and akra (fried malanga - look it up on - and that's just the hors d'oeuvre! Oh, and let's not forget the rum punch made with real Haitian rum and about a zillion kinds of fruit. And here comes the entree: grilled grouper with lime sauce, banan pese (fried plantain), and rice and beans. Please groan with us. We were so full, we had to forgo dessert. Even as I write it, I don't believe it - but it's true!!
Our walk home included a stroll on the beach (and lots of groaning).

On Sunday morning we went to The Front Porch on Ocean Drive for a late breakfast. We sat outside and it actually rained a few drops while we were waiting for our French toast and fruit.
We love to eat, don't we??!! Here we were in this quite fancy cafe and this is a sign that was posted in the restroom: I just HAD to take a picture :-)
We had a leisurely walk home, I finished packing, we lazed around a little more, and then it was off to the Fort Lauderdale airport. Getting to the airport (or Key West, for that matter) is not a walkable trip. Fortunately, Katie has some friends who own cars and they were very kind to let her use them for these longer hauls. Thanks, guys! And thanks, Katie, for a memorable vacation!!
I arrived in Greensboro a little late, but there was Pat waiting to take me home. Ahh, it's good to be back!

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  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    What a grand time you and Katie had together. How memorable. The water and beaches look awesome.
    Haitian food yum yum..