Friday, November 03, 2006

Cow Curiosities1. If you treat a cow with respect, she will still crap on you.
2. Although they are a large breed, "Yuhbig Duhmie" is not the scientific name for cows.
3. Cows have udders; in rare but documented cases, an udder can have a cow.
4. As a leftover from their days of surviving in the wild, the scent of freshly laundered clothes literally scares the crap out of cows.
5. Contrary to appearances, cows cannot "milk" to death.
6. A cow, through infection or natural mutation, can become a goat.
7. Cows have a pooping order. Pecking! I mean pecking order!
8. No two tits are alike.
9. A distant relative of the ostrich, the cow escapes detection by turning her backside to you.
10. Some years ago, a famous jingle immortalized the very essence of cowdom: "Plop Plop, Whiz Whiz; Oh, what a relief it is!"