Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hard of Hearing

Yes, I'm a writer. Yes, I wrote 50,278 words during National Novel Writing Month (November). Yes, I have posted my NaNoWriMo Winner Badge! Yes, I plan to tell you more about my experience with NaNo on my Piece o' Cake blog ... soon, but not today.

No, I have not forgotten about my blogs. No, I have not posted to them since October. No, I am not going to give you a wonderful list of excuses.

I started this blog on July 6, 2006, with a story about Weldon's mom. Seven-and-a-half years later, she still impresses and amazes me and makes me laugh.
This is Edith a year ago. I didn't have my camera today, but she still looks the same.
Last night Pat informed us that she would have some other obligations to attend to in the morning, so she wouldn't be able to help with chores. The phone rang this morning just before seven o'clock. It was Mom Edith. "Take your cell phone when you go out to chores and call me when you're ready to feed the calves. I'll come down to help."

Eighty-seven years old and always willing to help in any way she can. Impressive! Well, I certainly wasn't going to turn down her kind offer, so I slipped my phone into my coat pocket. After feeding and watering all the kitty cats and doing a few other little tasks, I called Edith. She came down, we chatted a bit while we waited for Weldon to finish what he was doing, and then we all trudged to the calf shed.
Yeah, and these are last year's calves, too. I didn't have my camera, remember?
With each of us holding two bottles, the six young 'uns were fed in no time. Weldon attempted to feed the youngest calf, born just the night before, but she wasn't very interested. Back to the milk barn we went.

Weldon started getting the milking system ready, I started washing bottles and buckets, and Edith filled two small buckets with water to carry back to the older calves. As she headed to the door, Weldon said, "Leave those, Mother. I'm going back to the calves in just a minute and I will carry them out."

Edith continued to the door and, as she walked out with a bucket in each hand, said, "I don't listen very well."

Hahaha. She cracks me up.