Monday, January 10, 2011

Practicing my Southern

At the first sign (or hint) of wintery weather, true Southerners head for the grocery store. I have pooh-poohed this practice for my 17+ years in North Carolina; but today was the day! I can be as southern as the next guy, thought I to myself, as I bundled up and headed to town.

Although there was not a snowflake to be seen, schools had already been called off and some businesses closed. The parking lot at Food Lion wasn't as crowded as I imagined it might be , but most likely the died-in-the-wool, lifelong residents had ventured out last night. And just what had lured us out in these near-blizzard conditions? (Please review photo of grocery store parking lot.)

and bread .
That's right ... milk and bread.

So, I live on a dairy farm and I bake my own bread. I'm sorry, but the Northern in me just started oozing out. Seriously, if I get snowed in, what do I really need?

Hair color
and a movie .
That's right ... hair color and a movie.

Is my Minnesota accent coming through loud and clear? Bring on the snow! I'm ready!!!