Monday, January 10, 2011

Practicing my Southern

At the first sign (or hint) of wintery weather, true Southerners head for the grocery store. I have pooh-poohed this practice for my 17+ years in North Carolina; but today was the day! I can be as southern as the next guy, thought I to myself, as I bundled up and headed to town.

Although there was not a snowflake to be seen, schools had already been called off and some businesses closed. The parking lot at Food Lion wasn't as crowded as I imagined it might be , but most likely the died-in-the-wool, lifelong residents had ventured out last night. And just what had lured us out in these near-blizzard conditions? (Please review photo of grocery store parking lot.)

and bread .
That's right ... milk and bread.

So, I live on a dairy farm and I bake my own bread. I'm sorry, but the Northern in me just started oozing out. Seriously, if I get snowed in, what do I really need?

Hair color
and a movie .
That's right ... hair color and a movie.

Is my Minnesota accent coming through loud and clear? Bring on the snow! I'm ready!!!


  1. Did you buy some eggs while you were at the store? You can make french toast with all that milk & bread you've got!! :)

  2. that a girl! Hair color and a movie! I went out before our snow and got crafts for me and the kids! Happy snow day to you! Hope you get snowed out of chores :)


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  4. I lived in North Carolina for a while a few short years back. Reading about FoodLion on here brought back memories, that sure is a beautiful state!

  5. Well, who could need more? ;)

  6. Who buy all those bread? =) it seems like there was a panic buying on this supermarket...

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  7. How cool!
    Glad to find your blog!