Wednesday, July 28, 2010


No, "Sweat-Stained and Panting" is not the title of a love ballad topping the country charts! Although, now that you mention it .... :-) Actually, it's just the way the month of July has felt here on the farm. It's been a HOT ONE!! In spite of that, the month has flown by and I haven't posted anything to my blog since early June. Until now, that is! Sit back (not too far back), scroll down (not too fast), and enjoy a peek into the past 2 months on Keiger Farm and environs.

June 7: Black raspberries, red raspberries, pies, and a tart.

and a sandwich :-)

June 12: Maria & Steven's wedding.

We clean up pretty well.

June 17: Cats & kittens and more berries!

black rasp, red rasp, wine raspberries

June 18: Father's Day.

Corn is growing w/o rain!

July 2: Wine, baby birds, and Edith's garden.
wineberry wine, hopefully.

July 8: Apples, pickles, more berries and a quilt?!

As if I didn't have enough to do with all the produce coming in, I dragged out a quilt I started about 10 years ago. I had given up on it because it wasn't coming together to my satisfaction. I need to rip it apart and try again. After taking apart 3 or 4 squares, it is once again folded up and back in the craft room. Maybe this winter ....

July 9: A new old tractor for Weldon.
He's happy :-)

July 11: A visit with John Wesley.

July 12: A surprise from Katie.

The box says, "For immediate relief of: Chocolate Cravings, Lovesickness, Exam Pressure, Mild Anxiety and Extreme Hunger. Directions for use: Tear open wrapper, break off desired dosage, and consume. Alternatively massage into the affected area. Repeat dosage as required until finished. If symptoms persist consult your local confectioner."

July 13: A surprise from the sky.

July 14: Cats and kittens.

July 24: Celebrating Katie's birthday at Anna's!

The birthday girl missed her own party, but she knows she's loved.

Well, that took longer than I expected (of course!). Just imagine if I had named or explained all the pictures. If you have any questions, ask away! Hope to see you here on Farm Muse again real soon. And keep your ears open for that exciting new country hit: Sweat-Stained and Panting!