Sunday, March 10, 2013

Found: Babies!

Early last year, Mama Swirly had four kittens; in July, she had five kittens. Last month, Swirly was ready to have her next batch of babies. Seeing her coming or going, we had to laugh. I was placing bets that she'd have six babies this time.

For her two previous deliveries, Mama Swirly had her kittens in the junk pile across the road from our house. This time she decided to have them under this old mowing machine across from the hay barn. Don't ask me why.

A week ago, I stuck my camera under there and Swirly just about attacked me. Fortunately, she put on her brakes when she realized it was me. I snapped pics all around, but the result was only leaves and more leaves.

One other cat had kittens under that mower a few years back. They survived, so I decided not to worry too much about Swirly and her babies. Weldon assured me they would stay dry, even though we'd had some pretty good rains.

Yesterday I decided to stick my camera under there again to see what could be found. Click. Click. Click. This angle. That angle. Click. Click. Click. I looked at the viewer on the back and didn't hold out much hope. Leaves! So many leaves!!

When I got home, I downloaded the pics. Delete, delete, and, wait! Could it be? Zoom in. Yes! There's a kitty! Can you see it?

Delete, delete, delete, and, what's that? Zoom in. There! Three kitties! No! FOUR. There's the backside of one between the two in front.

So, we know there are at least four babies under there. The final count will have to wait till Mom drags them out by the scruff of their necks or they wobble out on their own little legs. Time to think of some new names!