Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today is Edith's 81st birthday and, in her honor, Pat made a delicious breakfast for those of us who could be there.
Here are, from left to right, her brother Joe, her brother Jimmy and his wife Polly, her brother George, and Edith. Her sister Pearl wasn't able to join us.
Here you can see Edith (she was happy, honest!!) with two of her children: Pat and Weldon. Her youngest, Beth, had to teach, so she missed the festivities.
Edith received a few calls before we got there, a few while we there, and I'm sure she will be getting calls from well-wishers all day long. Happy Birthday, Edith, and many more!!! We'll meet again next year for another great breakfast. Hope you can join us!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It WAS a very Merry Christmas :-)
The family gathered at Mom Edith's on Christmas morning for brunch (always yummy!!) and the opening of presents after that.
The pictures will pretty much speak for themselves.

Finally, a picture of the lighted tree.
We just took it down last week!
Weldon's younger sister Beth and her husband Steve
Weldon's older sister Pat
Pat always gives fabulous books to everyone,
and here is Weldon checking out one she gave him

Weldon's niece Maria and his mom Edith
Weldon's nephew Wesley and Wesley's fiance Ashley
This is Weldon's middle daughter Jennifer.
Her husband Scott had to work .

Our gift to the cows? We milked them morning and evening :-)
You can see it was a beautiful day!

Weldon's youngest daughter Melinda and her husband Joseph live in New York, so they couldn't join us. We were able to get together with Weldon's oldest daughter Kathryn and her daughter Ashley a few days after Christmas.
Unfortunately, Kathryn's husband David was at work.

My family is scattered far and wide, so we weren't able to celebrate together. However, the week after Christmas, my grandson Marshall came up to spend a few days. We had lots of fun together
The highlight for Marshall was driving the Bobcat. I couldn't believe it when I saw Weldon coming down the road on the tractor and ... who could that be
driving the Bobcat?? Sure enough! Marshall -

Weldon put him to work splitting wood
On his last day, just before loading the car and heading back to Charlotte, he just had to take the Bobcat out for one last spin.
Look at that smile!!

When I took him home, I was able to spend a few hours with Anna (my older daughter and Marshall's mom). We exchanged gifts and went out to eat.
My younger daughter Katie is back in Miami,
so one of these cold weekends maybe I'll hop on a plane to go see her.
And that's our Christmas in a blog nutshell.
Happy 2008 to all. Now I have to get to the barn!!!!

We had a dusting of snow starting about 4:30 this morning. I know, because that's when I got up to let Molly (Weldon's dog) out. At 6:00, when I let Jasmine (my dog) out, it was coming down in big pretty flakes. We had to milk the cows, of course, but it's an official snow day - many schools are closed and I've done as little as possible all day long. I should have watched a movie instead of playing around on this silly computer :-/