Thursday, August 14, 2008

Send some rain ....
That has been our prayer since last summer, actually! There are many places that have been devastated by floods, but that's not the case here. Due to the dry summer last year, the corn crop yielded only two-thirds of the usual harvest. The corn is chopped into silage to feed the cows; so, to make sure the cows would have enough feed till this year's corn harvest, Weldon planted wheat. The wheat produced a good (and pretty) crop. He began chopping it in early May. About that same time, we got our first and only decent spring rain.

Weldon wasn't able to start planting corn until June 17 and the ground was so hard and dry, he had to irrigate before he could plant and then again to get it to sprout! After spending almost $500 on fuel to run the irrigation system, he called a halt. I can say I've never seen him so discouraged. Here's what he wrote to one of his daughters: "Fuel cost so high I cannot justify expense and time/labor to think about growing all the fields. Already thinking seriously about very soon selling 15 bred heifers due to calve this fall in order to stretch feed supply on hand . If drought continues, will have to sell half or so of about 30 cows to have enough feed to get through the winter. Or it could be all of them. Breaks my heart to think about it."

July 4 & 5 we finally had a good rain - about 7/8 of an inch. WooHoo!! Weldon could plant some more fields in corn. Being so late in the year and not knowing how well the corn would produce, he decided to plant some sorghum also. The dreaded thought of selling heifers and cows was put on hold, although he did get rid of a few cows that were eating more than they were giving back.
Knee high by 15th of July??
The corn and sorghum are growing quite nicely, in spite of NO RAIN! The corn won't make a bumper crop, but it will be enough. I know it is the Lord who is watching out for us and providing all that we need and so much more. We are thankful!!
As I'm ready to hit the "Publish Post" button, I hear thunder rumbling. The sun is shining on the front of the house and a huge black cloud is behind the house. "Send some rain!!!!!!!"