Sunday, March 29, 2009

MY MINI-VACATION ... Part One: Charlotte

On March 4th, Katie sent me an email to tell me that Jet Blue was having a sale on flights to Ft. Lauderdale. Did I want to come for a visit? Well, duh!!! After a quick consultation with Weldon, I started searching for a flight. I had already planned to be at Anna's on March 14, so I decided to fly out of Charlotte on the 15th and return on the 18th. I didn't want to stay away too long, because I feel guilty knowing that Edith does my milking chores when I'm gone (with never a complaining word, I might add).

Saturday with Anna and Marshall was a lot of fun, as always. March 10th was Marshall's 10th birthday, so we had to take a little trip to Target (surprise!!) so he could spend some of his birthday money from Katie, Edith, Pat and Great Grandma Schmidt. He bought 2 shirts, body wash, and a video game.
Other than that, we just enjoyed our time together at home. We played Uno and made pizza from scratch, using a pizza crust recipe that I used when the girls were little.

Are you ready for a long, goofy story about the recipe? If not, simply skip the next paragraph.

In February, a friend of Katie's sent me an email, saying that Katie had told him about the fantastic pizza dough recipe I have and could I send it to him. Well, I was stumped. I wrote to Katie, What recipe??? She didn't remember exactly, except that we always used it in Haiti, it called for whole wheat flour but we used white, and the recipe card was in my green plastic recipe box. So ... I look through the box. No recipe. I ask Anna. She remembered it had honey in it and the recipe was in my green plastic recipe box. Searched again. No recipe. I don't quite remember how it happened, but I mentioned the pizza crust on Facebook and a gal we worked with in Haiti wrote, "I use your pizza crust recipe all the time. Everyone in Haiti always said I made the best pizza." What??? You have THE recipe?? Yes! so she emailed it to me. When I got it, the name of the recipe was GRAHAM FLOUR PIZZA CRUST. Hmmmm... little bells going off in my head. I remembered going through my recipe box some time ago and thinking, "graham flour?! like, who buys that any more??" so I thought I must have thrown out the recipe without even looking at it. I thought I also had a graham flour bread recipe, so I decided to look through the box once more and if there were NO graham flour recipes, I would know that that's what had happened. And, lo and behold, there's the Graham Flour Pizza Crust recipe, big as (3x5) life. We all had a good laugh.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.

So here are some pictures of us making and eating the pizza. Sure enough, it was fantastic!! :-)

We had a lazy Sunday morning together and then they took me to the airport. After that, they went to a birthday party for Marshall. The party was originally scheduled for Saturday (which was why I was planning to be in Charlotte on the 14th), but was then changed to Sunday (after I had already bought my ticket to Florida). Needless to say, I missed the party. Anna sent me pictures, so I'll include a few of them for your enjoyment.
Isn't this the cutest cake?! That's Marshall's wrestling picture :-)
Anna made him a quilt. Marshall had actually picked out the fabrics and the pattern he liked. Pretty cool, huh?

Part two of this mini-travelogue (Miami) will be posted within a couple of days. Trust me.