Sunday, June 06, 2010

"Girlie Stuff"

Weldon's niece Maria is getting married next Saturday. She had asked if I would do a scripture reading during the wedding ceremony and I gladly agreed. Thus, I was invited to the Bridesmaid Luncheon that took place on Saturday, June 5. What a wonderfully relaxing and girlie kind of day it was! I put on a dress and heeled sandals and makeup (!) and headed for Rockford, NC, with Pat and Edith.

I think I have always pictured myself as being somewhere between a priss and a tomboy; you know ... just that perfect, ideal balance between the two :-) So, I wouldn't normally ooh and aah over a "girls" day out, but I did a lot of oohing and aahing yesterday. The contrasts between this event and what is now my daily farm life were quite apparent and, perhaps, rather restorative.

The luncheon was held at The Rockford Inn/Bed & Breakfast in Rockford, NC. First, the house and its history were amazing. I simply love historic old houses, even more so if they're made of logs! So, here are a few pictures of the house itself.
Maria on the front porch a stairway
a closeup of one of the logs :-)
and one of the bedrooms. The decor throughout was not all frou-frou, but "country casual" in an appealing way. Even a manly man would not feel out of place here.

The decorations (by Kay Spilker) , the lunch (by Beth Carroll, mother of the bride) ,
and the desserts (by Pat Keiger, aunt of the bride) were all perfect and oh-so-delicious.
The food would have been just as tasty if it had been plopped helter-skelter on the plates, and we could have sat on the floor and wiped our hands on our pants (or dresses). But it was delightful to see the care that was taken with each aspect of the day. The feminine touch was doing its magic!!

It was enjoyable listening to, interacting with, and observing 14 women (ranging in age from 8 to 83), each delighted to be sharing Maria's life and her joy. Here is the bride-to-be with her mother
and here with her bridesmaids and flower girl.

It doesn't have to be flowers and ruffles, but the feminine touch adds something sweet to daily life. Girlie stuff is good and maybe I should hone my skills. Curtains in the milk barn??