Saturday, June 14, 2008

From Tobaccoville to Key West - Part I
Thanks to a cheap-o ticket on Allegiant Air, a loving husband who encourages me get away when I need a break, and a mother-in-law who does my chores while I'm gone, I was able to take a week's vacation in Florida. Woohoo!!
As usual, Katie and I crammed so much stuff into the week, I've realized I have to break this travelogue into pieces or I'll never get it finished. This segment covers my first three days (Tue-Thu) in Miami Beach at Katie's apartment.
Katie had to work on these days so, needless to say, I slept in when she headed off to work bright and early. Was I dreaming of cows?? NO WAY!! When I finally rolled out of bed, I would make myself a cup of coffee and have a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast. I did some leisurely exploring of the area, ran a few errands for Katie, and one day went to visit her at work.
Island View Park:

Neat buildings:
Little dog, hardly bigger than the plastic cup it was drinking from!
We spent the late afternoons and evenings relaxing, shopping, eating, watching movies, or doing whatever we felt like doing (talking and laughing all the while).
Katie loves her job

loves coming home
loves to cook
and, after these photos, probably hates digital cameras and mothers who blog :-)
Stay tuned for Part II.

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