Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Backtracking .... June 21 & 22
After my week in Miami with Katie, it was time to go see Anna & Marshall in Charlotte. We had a fun and relaxing weekend together! We exchanged late birthday gifts (see video below), did a little shopping at Target (surprise surprise!!), and enjoyed the pool and hot tub.
Anna's "apartment mates" (Jason and Natosha) joined us for the supper she cooked. Natosha said taking a picture of her eating was the worst thing she could think of ... except, of course, if she were naked with a giant spider behind her. After a statement like that, you just KNOW I have to post her picture :-)
Puss in Boots - my birthday present from Anna:


  1. How cute are all of us? I totally enjoyed having you visit us that weekend...when is your next trip?

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  3. Anonymous11:35 PM

    I loved seeing the pix of Anna and Marshall. Looks like you had lots of birthday fun! AZofAZ

  4. Marshall11:12 AM

    Marshall Wants to know what Weldon thought of Puss...