Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weldon's nephew Wesley Carroll married his high school sweetheart Ashley Edney on July 19.

Larry Bumgarner is the same preacher who performed Weldon's and my wedding.
The ceremony was held outdoors at Magnolia Manor in Colfax, NC.

Wesley's mom (Weldon's younger sister Beth) wiping the tears from her cheek
during the ceremony. I love this picture!

The flower girl, daughter of one of Wesley's military buddies, was very excited about her shoes.

The moms

The bride and her attendants

The groom and his attendants (that's Wesley's dad Steve on the left)

Weldon was one of the groomsmen. His first (and last?) time in a tux!

Wesley's sister Maria, who later caught the bouquet :-)

Pat was the Register Attendant

The happy family

At the reception, first dance

cutting the cake
I couldn't get Weldon onto the dance floor, so I cut in on Beth and Steve. Beth went right over to Weldon, obviously pulled his nose or blackmailed him with some dark tale from the past,
and VOILA, he was dancing :-)
He was later transformed into one of the Village People

as the groomsmen got wild with The YMCA.
It was a wonderful wedding and we wish Wesley & Ashley a Very Happy Ever After!!
* * *
We want to recognize the Lawson family with
our sincerest and heartfelt THANKS
for milking Friday & Saturday evening,
allowing us to fully participate in all the festivities of the wedding.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Wow !!! That Weldon guy is a sharp looking dude !!!! HOT !!!!!

  2. He certainly is! Why do you think I married him???!!!!

  3. Great post!!! Beautiful family...