Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time for some MEWS!
It doesn't matter how busy we are, chore time always includes kitty time. Below, you will see Dagwood and Blondie. Dagwood has been sickly (a sad but natural result of having a "herd" of cats), but he seems to be getting better. This hot weather is hard on the little tykes.

The older cats don't have names, but since I came to the farm (9/25/04), I can't resist naming the kittens. I had never been around cats or kittens to any great degree, but watching them has become a highlight of my life on the farm. When they get hurt or killed, or get sick or die, I vow to remain detached and never let them into my heart again. Yeah, right .... To the left are mama Spitz and her baby Licorice. I'll write more about Licorice another time. She's a hilarious favorite!

On the right you will see our junk yard kitties: Sanford and Sonny. Instead of having her babies in one of the barns, their momma, Kit Carson, had them down the road apiece in a big pile of junk :-) Even after moving into the hay barn with most of the other little ones, Sanford and Sonny love to play in any junk they can find.


  1. Carolyn12:57 PM

    The kittens are the "HIGHLIGHT" of your life on the farm??????? I'm gonna tell Weldon!!!!!!!

  2. Adell6:21 PM

    Watching kitties at play, I am sure
    is more entertaining than the telly! They are cute!...Adell

  3. Now see that's what I was talking about! Kitties...

  4. katie9:54 PM

    :( they're so cute!! i miss them... oh, and you too! :-P