Thursday, July 06, 2006

This morning, as we headed to the milk barn in the pouring rain, I noticed my mother-in-law picking cucumbers, a plastic grocery bag over her head. Now, there's a gardener! and a mother who loves her son! I say that because, of the 30 to 40 quarts of pickles she makes each year, fully a third of them are for my husband. Not counting breakfast, Weldon doesn't think it's a real meal without his mother's sweet pickles. This year she will teach me to make them. The other day she said, "It sure would be easier to buy pickles in the store." My response: "You just figured that out now???"


  1. :-) congrats on the moos blog! i hope you enjoy making pickles as i know you'll be making a LOT of them!!

  2. waukenabogal8:24 AM

    Here I go again,lets hope this works!You certainly have some beautious pickles there!I am looking forward to getting a few more raspberries so can make at least one batch of jam and one of syrup.Looks like pretty slim pickins' this year.

  3. Waukenabogal8:20 PM

    Hi there,Gosh,you certainly have a busy life!!I just finished picking raspberries and am amazed at how many we are getting,what with the DRY weather and looking pretty darn skimpy at first!
    Love the pictures of your kitty's.I always loved cats,but haven't had one for years(NO,don't bring me one!!!)
    big storm warnings for tonight.Hope they by pass us and just leave a goodly amount of rain for my poor parched garden!
    more later,don't work too and hugs,Mammy