Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sonny aka Sunoco
Look at the last picture on my last post. See that cute, fluffy, white & black little kitten on the right named Sonny? Remember how I said he loves to play in the junk? The other day he fell in a bucket of motor oil!! Weldon and I must have spent close to an hour trying to clean him up: GoJo, Joy, Palmolive. We didn't have any Dawn! (I wonder what they used at the Valdez oil spill?) When we got him as clean as we could, we sprinkled him with baby powder and that fluffed up his fur a bit. I held him till he stopped shivering and then took him back to his playmates. He was so embarrassed! He wouldn't eat with the others and he just sat by himself on a haybale. The poor thing. He appears to be doing fine now - eating and playing, and we hope someday his lovely white fur will be white again. We trust he won't carry emotional scars :-)


  1. katie9:57 PM

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! is he going to start to try to lick that off himself? you should go buy some dawn and soak him again! heheh. poor little bugger!

  2. They used Dawn at the Valdez oil spill, silly! That's why I asked if that's what you were using on the poor kitty.