Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some of the family got together Easter Sunday afternoon at Edith's: Edith, Pat, Beth & Steve, their "kids" Wesley & his fiancee Ashley and Maria & her boyfriend Steven, and Weldon & I.
Ashely & Wesley
Steven & Maria and the back of Steve's head

I didn't get pictures of each of us stuffing our faces but, trust me, we pretty much ate until we couldn't eat any more. Then it was out to the front yard for the Easter egg hunt. Some of the adults took turns hiding the eggs and then the four "kids" looked for them. It was rather chilly outside, but they didn't want to stop. Here are a few pics of the silliness.

Who would be so crude as to hide an egg on a cow pie??
And who would actually be excited about finding it??

Wesley won a prize for finding the most eggs. See his chocolate bar?
So, that's Easter in an eggshell. I will be adding to the blog in the next few days (really!!) so you can read about Marshall's spring break and see the quilt I am working on. I know you're all trembling with anticipation.
Love you :-)

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