Monday, March 17, 2008

Ahhh - *S*P*R*I*N*G*
Last year about this time I was viewing plum and cherry blossoms in Japan (not to mention the other beautiful flowers growing everywhere we went).

The other day I was surprised to see the beautiful blooms below, right on the edge of our yard. Weldon tells me they're peach blossoms.

What an amazing thing, spring!!


  1. Anonymous1:16 AM

    nice photos of blossoms. We may not have as drastic a change into spring here, but this evening my grand daughter and I sat on the patio swing and drank in the lucious fragrance of the orange tree in bloom! AZofAZ

  2. Oh, I'm jealous of those blooms! We are still in winter jackets playing with snow flakes falling on our faces. Very impressed with your photography skills Aunt Cindy!

  3. Yay for blossoms!!! Those are so pretty!!! You should plant a bunch more of the peach trees around and then you can feel like you're back in Japan in the spring (and I'll come visit). :-P