Sunday, July 03, 2016

Still Farmin'

This is Farm Muse, but it's been a while since I actually posted about the farm. (I'm better at musing than farming.) You may have questions about how Weldon spends him time now that he's "semi-retired." I have answers.

1. Does Weldon still have cows? Yes! Although he stopped shipping milk commercially in January of 2015 and sold his best milkers, he has plenty of cows and calves. He's currently milking nine cows, and just yesterday I had to yell, "Cows are out!"
2. Does he still bale hay? Yes! He bales the "good stuff" for the cows and bales the junk just to get it off the land.
Do you see him down there?
A man and his tractor. It's a beautiful thing.
3. Since he doesn't have so many cows, does he still plant corn? Yes, indeedy! But he doesn't have to plant as much as in years past. He planted early corn that's already about 8 feet tall, and the "regular" corn is coming along nicely. This year will be kind of sad because he won't have corn growing on both sides of the road coming into the farm. Neighbors and passers-by will be surprised.
This corn, planted in front of Edith's house, has grown quite a bit since I took this pic.
The corny blogger standing amidst the early corn.
4. Has anything else changed on the farm? Nope. Deer still eat corn. Coyotes still eat kitties. Machinery still breaks down. Following are a few miscellaneous photos.

The manure spreader broke down some time ago ... obviously. Makes a nice planter, doesn't it?
Manure still has to be moved, so Weldon hauls it in this wagon and dumps it on/near the fields.
Flat tire on the truck.
Kitties are still a joy and a heartbreak.
They can also be a "neckbreak" if you don't keep your eyes on the ground as you walk.
 5. So Weldon is as busy as ever? Not quite. He admits he has slowed down some and can't "keep at it" as hard as he used to. His favorite pastime, when morning chores and breakfast are finished, is computer time with his "tractor nut" friends. But, sooner or later, the real world of farming and it's never-ending needs call him back to the great outdoors. Somebody's gotta do it!


  1. Smaller farming may be the best plan for winding down. Loved the pictures and entry.

    1. It's definitely a good plan. Thank you!

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