Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Business

On February 13, 2014, we had a great snow. I did all the things I like to do in the snow:
Use a cookie sheet as a snow shovel.
Make a snow angel.
Make a snow woman.
Make snow cream. Actually, a first for me.
Last night, February 25, 2015, we had another great snow. This time I just walked the farm and took pictures. Good thing, because the snow is melting fast!
This one would make a good jigsaw puzzle.
No kitties peeking out yet.
Some people have to work.
I startled a whole poopy pond full of geese!
Flying to the mountain for protection?

Heading down the road.
Looking across a cornfield.
Pilot Mountain. Always stunning.
The old Rambler Classic has seen better days, or so they tell me.
Keep looking up!
And now ... bring on Spring!!


  1. So pretty! Every single one would make a great jigsaw puzzle. :)

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Your photos are great! I agree the all would make great jigsaw puzzles. AZ of AZ

  3. Anonymous12:07 AM

    What beautiful pictures!Looks like you enjoyed the day out in the snow.......not for me!TOO COLD!!!