Friday, September 26, 2014

Sad Sack

Bored? Lonely? Depressed? Call it what you will, it drove me outdoors today ... to my garden, although I use the term very loosely.
Yes, this is my iris bed. I weeded about half of it early this spring and hadn't touched it since, except to cut some lovely irises. I don't enjoy gardening. Can you tell?

God sent a spider. It wasn't actually in the garden, or that would have been the end of my gardening exploits for the day.
Was he bored? Lonely? Depressed? He didn't hang around very long, and I was okay with that.

It took all afternoon, but I got the little garden weeded. You can see the pile of weeds on the black plastic - way more weeds than irises in the garden. However, the irises will live; the weeds were dragged to the corner of the woods where they will rot or root or do whatever else weeds do.
The benefits? It felt good to do some physical labor. The garden spot sighed in contentment. I talked to all the weird bugs I saw, including that crabby spider. I now had something to blog about. And, tomorrow is another day. Yay!


  1. Is that a BIG spider or just super zoom?! Feels good to do a little labor when all else fails. ;-)

  2. The spider is BIG! 4-5" Pretty certain it's a Carolina Wolf Spider

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Your garden looks like "mine" did b/4 we left!Didn't take very good care of it this summer....too busy feeding my awesomeness!!! :-)