Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Surprise Ending

This morning I walked up to the front of the church carrying a "Honey Buns" box filled with the paraphernalia I would need to do the Children's Message. One little guy called out, "Oh, yeah! Honey Buns!" Sorry, buddy, but there are no Honey Buns in the box.

Good morning, children. One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is John 1. I could read the whole thing to you and then read it again. But, instead, I'll just read two verses. First, do you know some other names for Jesus?

"God!" "Lord!" "Mary!"

Uhm, no. Good try, but Mary was the mother of Jesus. I don't think anyone ever called him Mary.

"Savior!" "Emmanuel!"

Good job! Another one of his names is "Light of the World." Now listen to verses 4 and 5 from John, chapter 1. "The life of Jesus gave light to everyone. The light keeps shining in the dark, and darkness can never put it out."

I took Weldon's big, black Mag-Lite from the box and turned it on. Let's see if I can put out this light. I took a white cloth napkin from the box and laid it over the light. Is the light gone?


Okay, let me try this again. Next I doubled the napkin. Is the light gone?


One of the boys said, "Hey, try that black thing," as he pointed to a black woolen scarf in my box. Good idea. I put it over the flashlight asking, Is the light gone? Mmmm. This time they had to look more carefully, so I asked one of the children to come and peek under the scarf.

"Yup! The light is still shining!" He was pretty excited. One by one, the children had moved closer and closer to me.

Next, I wrapped the flashlight in the white cloth and the black scarf, laid it on the floor, and covered it with the box. Okay, someone will have to come and peek under here and see if the light is still shining. One little girl got her face down low and close, and then ALL the kids were huddled around the little 8" by 12" Honey Buns box, trying to get a glimpse of that flashlight.

Slipping my hand under the box, I unwrapped the flashlight. Suddenly, they all lifted their heads (and maybe their hands!) and with one voice cried out, "YAY!!!"

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that response. Even now, the memory puts a smile on my face. The darkness CANNOT put out the Light ... and that IS something to cheer about!

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