Monday, February 25, 2013

Sweet Family!

Weldon's sister Beth bought some "homemade" sausage the other day and wanted to know if she should get some for us. Weldon said he would have to taste it first, but he's pretty stuck on Jimmy Dean.

This morning as we were finishing chores, Pat's phone rang. It was her mom wanting to know if we had decided about the sausage. Weldon again stated that he wouldn't buy any without tasting it first. Pat then relayed the message that Mom was frying some up for us to sample. Weldon asked, "Well, is she going to serve some hash browns with that?" Pat laughed and said, "No, but I could scramble some eggs for you."

"No, no. I'm just joking!"

We started the cleanup and Pat headed home to see if the sausage was ready. It seemed to me that she was gone pretty long, so I said to Weldon, "I bet she went home and told Mom that you wanted hash browns and now she's busy frying up some potatoes! And there'll be scrambled eggs to boot."

Weldon laughed. "You think so? Maybe there'll be some fruit on the side, too."

I added, "And maybe some sugar cake! You watch: Pat will come down with a tray full of goodies, complete with a vase holding a rose. That's just the way your family is. I know them pretty well by now." Weldon laughed.

A minute later, Pat came back to the barn. "Well, Mommy's fixing breakfast for you if you want to come up. We'll have the sausage and eggs, Mommy is making pancakes, and I have some hash brown "muffins" in the freezer that I can warm up in a few minutes. Do you want to come up?"

Silly question.

Seriously, this is one sweet family.

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  1. how sweet!!!!! you are so blessed Cindy!