Friday, April 13, 2012

Gluttony - A Deadly Sin

**WARNING: Two disgusting photos follow**

Weldon came to the house saying, "You gotta see the strange critter I found in the field." Since I was in the middle of preparing supper, he said I could wait and see it after we ate. Great. So we ate. Then he was all about this critter, again.

"Okay, okay. Where is it?"

"It's on the tractor. I can bring it up to the house."

By this time, I'm figuring this is some kind of joke. What could he possibly have found that would be so intriguing? He's such a knucklehead. I'm ready. Bring it on ....

Wait! I gotta get my camera :-)


The skeleton on the left is obviously that of a raccoon. See its tail? Even I could figure that one out :-) Weldon thinks the remains on the right are from a buzzard. I guess the raccoon was already dead, the buzzard ate his fill (almost), and then went for the head. OOOPS!! Too big. Stuck. AAAGGGHHHH. Below you can see a closeup of the deadly meal.

It seems all that remains of the buzzard is his head, a few wing bones, and his stomach ... full of raccoon fur. Yup, what looks like his body is just his stomach. DISGUSTING!!!!

There were no feathers around the odd couple, so Weldon surmised that a coyote dragged eater and eaten to the middle of the cornfield. Pat has sent photos to a biologist at Guilford College in Greensboro to see what he has to say about this weird joining of dead animals. Final thoughts:

Glutton: one who digs his grave with his teeth.
-French Proverb

... or ...

Bizarre is as Buzzard does!
-Cindy's Proverb


  1. down here in Texas they would of been hollerin'....."chupacabra"! (not sure of that spelling) LOL
    That sure is pretty gross. Yet I cannot help but chuckle over this thing & the misfortune that happened. Very strange looking indeed. I get a kick out of your posts!

  2. FASCINATING!! and gross. Thanks mom. :)

  3. I think this image is going to haunt me for awhile...

  4. Always learning new things from this blog. Thx

  5. gross is right but how interesting!!!

  6. thanks for posting this one. Very enjoyable. I'd never heard of these guys

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