Monday, February 06, 2012

The Life Romantic

Some people have a very romantic image of life on a farm, of "going green," and getting back to nature - whatever that means! I once posted on Facebook about slogging home through the rain with Weldon after evening chores and a friend wrote, "That sounds so romantic!" Really?!

Recently, I was recalling some of my first thoughts when I started visiting Weldon on the farm. Since we were dating, certainly I must have had some romantic thoughts. I mean, we would spend an entire day together - walking, enjoying local sites, and talking of our lives and future dreams. Young love, even for a couple of old geezers, tends to be romantic!

To my pragmatic eye, the state of the farm was not a thing of beauty: old, dilapidated buildings, piles of rusting junk, broken down vehicles parked helter-skelter, and miscellaneous stuff everywhere. Truth be told, the first time I walked through Weldon's house was almost a "deal breaker" for me.

However, when I returned to Charlotte and prayed about my fears of all the junk and mayhem (seriously prayed about it!!), I knew I would be marrying Weldon, not his house or his farm, and I felt at peace. But, surprise! surprise! In marrying Weldon, I find I married his house, his farm, and his work. Did I  mention his junk??

Romantic has gone out the window and reality knocks firmly, often ferociously, on the door. But it's okay!! I never was much of a romantic, anyway. And now I'm laughing out loud, cuz all these pictures look kind of ... romantic! Eat your heart out, city-dwellers!


  1. Ha! Your last line is exactly what I was thinking "ooh that looks nice. oh that looks quiet. pretty snow!" etc. :-P

    I think all those "romantic" ideas are better labeled as "fantasy". The reality is a mix of good and bad. I'd wager you're better now than before you met Weldon and moved to the worse conditions at the farm though!

  2. Very nicely put! :)