Saturday, October 01, 2011

September  2011
Another month, come and gone! I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Here are some of the highlights, in no particular order.
Just for pretty

In memory of the tragedy of 9/11, I read the book Thunder Dog:The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero by Michael Hingson. It was a real eye-opener :-) Seriously, I learned a lot!!

At the beginning of the month, for a couple of days, we were only milking 7 cows! And on the last day of the month (yesterday), we were milking 12 cows. How did that happen? you ask. Well, a cow/heifer on maternity leave has a baby and, tah dah, we have a cow to milk (and a baby calf to bottle feed). Five new little mouths ... 3 heifers, 2 bulls.

This little cutie was born just 2 days ago

I'm about halfway through the book by Ann Voskamp, the author/blogger that I made fun of back on August 4th. I have repented of my attitude and am really enjoying the book. It's a lesson we've heard many times and yet find very hard to live out on a daily basis: give thanks! She has wonderful quotes from a wide range of seekers both past and present. Have I started my list of 1,000 gifts? No ... but I might.

The best part of the month (the year!) was having my mom & dad here for a week! They hadn't been to the farm since they came seven years ago for our wedding. Katie flew in from NY for 4 days and Anna & Marshall came up from Charlotte for the weekend. We didn't do anything too exciting; it was enough just being together.
The nuts don't fall far from the tree?
Let's see, what else? Weldon & I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 25th. We've both had a cold for about a week. He is getting ready to chop corn, maybe starting as soon as Monday. Busy, busy.  So, that's enough for September. Anyway, it's October now, so I have to quit.


  1. granggie7:39 AM

    Great family picture!
    Happy anniversary!
    and I love the cows!

  2. Always enjoy your blog, Cindy!