Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chopping Corn

This is the best corn crop Weldon has had in 4 years. The early corn was harvested in July, but I didn't take any pictures. After 6 years of taking pics of bringing in the silage, they all start looking the same. Yesterday, Weldon asked if I would come take some pictures as they were cutting the tallest of the corn, down below his mom's house. I'm so glad I did, because it was an absolutely gorgeous day ... and I had had enough of household chores.

It seems that as much time is spent fixing broken down machinery as actually doing the work, but I guess that's to be expected when everything (and everyone) on the farm is older than dirt!

This is almost a great butt picture :-)

Action shots:

Talk about action! This guy will take any and every opportunity!!

You can get an idea of how tall the corn is. I am 5' tall.
See my upraised arm?
This corn was about 14' tall. Now it's chopped and in the silos. Soon it will be food for the cows, then manure for the fields to grow another crop of corn. Ahhh, such is the circle of life on the farm.

No post can be considered complete without a few kittens, right? Here are 4 little ones piled up in a concrete "leaf" birdbath kind-of-thing.
And here they are scurrying away.

Now I have almost 400 photos to sort through from my trip to Oregon. Of course more than 100 are scenery shots taken from the car so Weldon can see the lay of the land. I'll post some on Facebook and try to get a little synopsis of the fun published here on the blog. Stay tuned!


  1. that is amazing.

  2. Es muy saber que como personas trabajamos en el campo de diferente manera, permitiendo asi conocer otro lugares que nos podemos conocer.