Monday, February 01, 2010

New Cow Stalls - Phase 1 Completed
Mr. Perfectionist is still at it. Everything has to be just so.
Working on the curbing:
Filling the forms with sand
and then concrete.
Next, the metal dividers are put in place: . The calves were able to watch all the proceedings from their section of the barn , and Wesley was able to come back now and then to help with the work. Thanks, Wesley!!
When the dividers were in place, it was time to put sawdust down as bedding for the girls.
Hmmm. I guess it meets with her approval.
Then the same steps were taken on the other side of the center posts and voila! neat, clean, modern bedding for 18 cows and a few wayward calves :-)
I don't remember how many stalls Weldon plans to make, but I think this represents a little less than half of the total. We are all so proud of Weldon for his skills and knowledge ... and brawn!

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