Thursday, November 15, 2007

After breakfast this morning, Weldon and I were playing with our cameras, taking some pictures outside to compare the "normal" and "vivid" (or "rich" on my camera) settings. Suddenly he said, "Let's go for a drive and see some real colors." So off we went, still in our crap-splattered barn clothes. (I'm not kidding.)
We started with a few pictures on the farm

and then headed towards Pinnacle. We decided we should go up the Pilot Mountain.

Let me tell you, with the temp in the low 50s and the wind blowing, it was MIGHTY COLD up there.

Weldon said we were a day late, because it rained last night and the wind was whipping and half the leaves were on the ground. But the colors were beautiful and definitely worth a little discomfort. Arizona and Florida family and friends, eat your heart out :-)

It's almost like being in Japan - everywhere you look is a picture!

Then back to the farm, all dressed up in God's wrapping paper.


  1. Crap splattered clothes -- been there, done that! We've been known to waltz into tractor supply in rags and dirt I would not have been caught dead in back in Orlando. Here I sometimes figure that's why hats and dark glasses were invented and the shower and clean duds get in the way of getting the job done!

    Come visit and meet the new pup, she's awesome!

  2. AZofAZ12:38 AM

    What awesome pictures of the season. Yes, we do miss that living in AZ, however we are still in short sleeves and loving our "cooler" weather! Hard to get into the Christmas cookie baking with so much sunshine:)