Sunday, July 08, 2007

Anna and Marshall came to the farm June 7-10 to celebrate her 33rd birthday. We had a relaxing weekend and the photos below will confirm the fact that everything pretty much revolved around food.
First, there were wild black raspberries that needed picking. But just wait till next year! Weldon planted both black and red raspberries this spring, so next year we will have an abundance of the delicious berries. Weldon favors the black and I prefer the red, but we're both piggish about them in general.
We had to have pancakes for breakfast one morning and Marshall wanted to make the last "shape." He wasn't sure if he wanted to make an "M" or a snake, so this is what he ended up with. With both of us using a spatula at the same time, we got that sucker flipped without breaking :-) Yummy!!
I made Anna a birthday pie (with Marshall's help, of course). These were the last of the fresh strawberries from the berry farm down the road - and they were a gift to Anna from Edith, Weldon's mom.
On Saturday, Pat had us over for supper and birthday cake. It was a surprise of sorts because her birthday wasn't until Sunday. I'm not sure if she was surprised or not.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Anna, Happy Birthday to You!!

So! Enough about food!
We also spent time with kittens and cows and dogs. We played Frisbee and Yahtzee. I helped Marshall shop for a present for his mom and then we had to wrap our presents. We went to a movie and Marshall read to Anna and me while we washed dishes. During most of the above, Weldon was out planting corn. He always joined us for the food, though :-)
On her birthday, Anna made blueberry waffles for breakfast and before church she opened her presents. Marshall gave her a notepad in the shape of an "A" and a picture frame that held this picture: So cute! I gave Anna a hippo rug that I brought back from Japan for her. I think she liked it! And now my big girl is officially 33. Time flies, huh?!
P.S. There are more Japan posts to come, so check back in the near future.

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  1. Well, I sure hope she liked her rug!! Especially since you dragged it all the way back from Japan. Looks like you guys had fun on her birthday. :-)