Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We interrupt the s-l-o-w-moving travelogue on Japan to tell you about the events of this past Saturday.

Right after morning chores and a quick breakfast, Weldon and I went to Indian Land, SC, to see my grandson Marshall's final soccer game of the season. He just started playing in February and Weldon had never seen a soccer game before, so we didn't want to miss it. The team, affectionately known as the Pink Panthers, is made up of girls and boys, ages 6-8, and Marshall is the goalie. The parents were well-behaved, yelling directions and encouragement to their kids. "RUN HARD! THAT WAY!!!" pointing towards the goal. We admired the coaches and refs for their patience and good cheer :-) The game appeared to be quite boring for Marshall - no kicks on goal - but once he got to throw the ball out onto the playing field.

Marshall's shirt is a different color (not pink like his teammates') because he's the goalie.
End of story: the Pink Panthers won 2/0. One of the two points was kicked into their goal by the opposing team, but Hey! they'll take it :-)

We had lunch with Anna and Marshall, I gave them some gifts from Japan, and then it was time to make the long trip home. It's a lot of driving in one day, but worth it when you want to see family!

Before we left the farm, I asked Weldon's sister Pat if she would look in on Jasmine once or twice because it was Jasmine's 10th birthday and I hated to leave her alone on her special day. Not only did she doggie-sit most of the day, she made Jasmine a birthday cake. Now that's a sister-in-law you can love!
Happy Birthday, Jazz!!

P.S. In response to the comment made by "anonymous" about not being able to see the description of the photo when they click on the picture: There are no descriptions on the photos except what you read in the blog.


  1. You got some great photos of the game, and even his one moment of action - we are such proud parental figures aren't we? Happy birthday Jazz!

  2. AZ of AZ12:20 AM

    I want to know what the cake was made of. Could humans eat it too?
    How sweet of Pat! Happy birthday
    Jasmine! That is a pretty special
    position in soccer for Marshall.
    Way to go....