Friday, August 04, 2006

I said I would write more about our "hilarious" kitten, Licorice.
This is her story:
She was the only surviving kitty of three born to Spitz and, once she started getting all of mom's attention, she became a little butterball. Her front legs seemed shorter than normal, so she was like a little "low rider" coming to meet us every morning and evening. She never meowed but squeeked and grunted, telling us a new story everytime we picked her up. Hers is a short story. She died this week of unknown causes. Perhaps there was a physical problem that kept her from meowing - a problem that grew, causing her to stop breathing?
Her daily stories made us laugh, but her last story made us cry.
We miss you, Licorice!


  1. Cute kitty, and a little sad too...not meowing properly and all. But probably for the better, as it could've been lots of moo-la to fix the meow!

  2. seekingknowledge3:39 PM

    How is Spitz holding up under all this grief?

  3. It seems Spitz has been too busy running away from Les Collins's tom cat, Teddy Bear, to notice :-(